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For Your GRAMMY   


Matthew Shell & Kenny McNeil's
Alternative Jazz Album
Mixed in Dolby ATMOS Immersive Audio
We'll Find a Way II

Matthew Shell & Kenny McNeil's
Global Music Performance
My Ride or Die
(feat. Douglas Lira, Sami Turunen, Hector Ruano, Angie Nicole, and Tope Iluyomade, among others)


Collaborators in 2023

Arun Shenoy's
Global Music Performance
An Evening in Napoli
(feat. Matthew Shell, Ian Cameron & Melina)

Joanie Leeds Book Band's
Children's Album
(feat. Regina Carter, Oran Etkin, Cheryl B. Engelhardt, SaulPaul, Divinity Roxx, Lucy Kalantari, Flor Bromley, Syreeta Thompson, Kymberly Stewart, Robin Tucker, Joya Barman, Darius Kalantari, and Rob Dietz, among others)

Marcus Johnson's
Contemporary Instrumental Album
FLO Chill Vol. 3 - LoFi Instrumentals
(feat. Javier Starks, Masa Takumi, Jawan, Angie Nicole, Douglas Lira, Alexa Ray, and Sami Turunen, among others)
As produced by Matthew Shell and mixed by Erik Fredriksen

Michael Peloso, Marisa Frantz & Matthew Shell's
Alternative Album/Pop Group/Alternative Music Performance
Here From There
(feat. Sami Turunen and Yoed Nir)

Vincent Lyn's
Dolby ATMOS Immersive Audio Album

(Voted on by Special Committee)
Elysian Eclipse
(feat. Yoed Nir and Sami Turunen, among others)
As produced by Matthew Shell

Steve Pullara's Cool Beans Ensemble
Classical Compendium Album
Aquarium Rhapsody

Paul West's
American Roots Song
New Years Day (Radio Edit)
(feat. Yoed Nir & Marisa Frantz)
As produced by Kenny McNeil, mixed by Matthew Shell, and mastered by Darrick Atwater

Great projects by our friends

Stewart Copeland & Ricky Kej's
Global Music Album
Police Beyond Borders
(feat. Serj Tankian & Masa Takumi, among others) 

Diamond Platnumz & Wouter Kellerman's

African Performance

Pounds & Dollars

Songs for Social Change
(Voted on by Special Committee)

Matthew Shell & Arun Shenoy's

Protest Injustice

(feat. Douglas Lira & Strat Carter)

Vincent Lyn & Melissa B.

Just Imagine People United

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