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Matthew Shell & Kenny McNeil's
Dolby ATMOS immersive audio album

We'll Find a Way II

Alternative Jazz / Chill Afrobeat Instrumentals

(C) (P) 2023 MTS Music Productions, LLC.


Album Preview

Art V3 - We'll Find A Way II (Album).jpg

Behind the Music

Art - Jazzy Lil Jane II (Chill Afrobeat).jpg

“Jazzy Lil Jane II” is a new chill Afrobeat single about being wise, savvy, and street smart in a dangerous world. It is the first single off the album “We’ll Find A Way II” set to release May 31, 2023.

Art - I Want to Be Rich II (Chill Afrobeat).jpg

“I Want To Be Rich II” is a new chill Afrobeat smooth sound that moves so powerfully yet without disturbing the natural order. It’s rich with all the elements of peace and serenity that will leave the listener wanting more. We hope to capture with this vibe that true wealth comes from commitment to family and quality relationships.

Art 5 - No More 9 To 5 II (Chill Afrobeat).jpg

"No More 9 To 5" is a feel-good song about the hope that your passion can become a successful career. 

More Art from the Album's Singles

Art - Victorious II (Chill Afrobeat) - V3.jpg
Art - Forever II (Chill Afrobeat).jpg
Art - Whats Your Dream II (Chill Afrobeat).png
Art - Identity II (Chill Afrobeat).jpg

With Matthew Shell's mom hailing from South Africa and growing up in Zimbabwe, this chill Afrobeat alternative jazz sound is deeply a part of Matthew's family's heritage. Inspired by Masa Takumi's Best Global Music Album GRAMMY win for the album "Sakura" (which Mathew played guitar on), Matthew has endeavored to feature his guitar (and Sami Turunen's virtuoso guitar soloing) on all of MTS Music's collaborative releases of 2023 with Kenny McNeil, Marcus Johnson, Nelly's Echo, Melina, Michael Peloso, and Arun Shenoy, among others.

Singer songwriter Kenny McNeil is the "chill" in this duo's chill Afrobeat sound. Kenny brings his smooth melodic inspiration and collaborates as co-producer and co-arranger on every song. Kenny has had the honor of working with MNELIK, Free Marie Wright, and Al B. Sure!, among others. As president of MTS Music, Kenny has many projects in the works for 2023 and beyond. Kenny's philosophy is that when things come together effortlessly, it's meant to be.

Technical notes:

The album was produced, melodically composed, and arranged by Matthew Shell and Kenny McNeil.


The stereo version of the album was mixed by Angie Nicole and mastered by Matthew Shell. Angie also contributed as a co-producer on every song.

Sami Turunen guitar soloed on every song and contributed additional melodic arrangement for the wild guitar solos.

Jiro Yoshioka arranged and played cello on "What's Your Dream II" and "No More 9 to 5 II" as inspired by Matthew Shell and Kenny McNeil's melodic arrangements. 

The entire album was mixed in Dolby ATMOS by Matthew Shell, Ken Mertz, and Chris Keeney, with inspiration and support by Doug Greer, Shirley Mertz, and Ron Kenes at Immersive MMG in Lancaster, PA.

Angie Nicole


Sami Turunen


Jiro Yoshioka

Immersive MMG.png


A Worthy Cause

A portion of the streaming profits from this album will go to the charity organization INTUBA. Their goal to bring water irrigation and solar power to under-served communities in Zimbabwe. Learn more about their great work in this NBC Channel 5 KXAS-TV DFW interview with Matthew's aunt Yvette Latta and INTUBA's marketing director, Chase Harman.

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