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Kenny McNeil
President / Singer / Songwriter / Producer / Creative Consultant
Kenny McNeil - Another Way To Get To Heaven (Full Band Mix)

Kenny McNeil is a Maui, Hawaii based producer, singer, songwriter, and creative consultant who finds and brings the best out of talent. Hailing from a small town in Northern Virginia, Kenny is a music veteran who has been involved in multiple music projects over the years. As president of MTS Music Productions, Kenny brings focus, passion, integrity, personality, problem solving, and forward thinking to a business that requires constant innovation to remain competitive and successful. 

Kenny McNeil - Inspire Me (R&B Orchestral Mix) [feat. Alisha Endre]
Kenny McNeil Presents: D2D - We'll Find A Way
Kenny McNeil Presents: D2D
What's Your Dream?
Kenny McNeil Presents: D2D -
To My Heart from My Heart
Kenny McNeil Presents: D2D -
Forever (feat. Shelley Barnes)
Kenny McNeil Presents: D2D -
Jazzy Lil Jane
Kenny McNeil Presents: D2D -
Victorious (feat. Javier Starks)
D2D Cover
Art - Kenny McNeil - Another Way To Get
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