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Kenny McNeil
President / Singer / Songwriter / Producer / Creative Consultant
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Kenny McNeil is a Maui, Hawaii based producer, singer, songwriter, and creative consultant who finds and brings the best out of talent. Hailing from the Bay Area (a native of San Mateo, CA) and raised in Manassas, VA, Kenny is a music veteran who has been involved in multiple music projects over the years. As president of MTS Music Productions, Kenny brings focus, passion, integrity, personality, problem solving, and forward thinking to a business that requires constant innovation to remain competitive and successful. 

Kenny McNeil's accomplishments:

  • Kenny's song "Another Way to Get to Heaven", as written for his wife, is his most successful song with over 127,000 streams on SoundCloud.

  • Kenny's music was featured in a BMW Commercial (aired the whole summer of 2007 in Sterling, VA).

  • Achieved rotation on Jammin 99.5 in 2007 for the song "Never Be Another".

  • Over 10 stations played Kenny's tracks "Die with You" and "We'll Find a Way", including radio play by DJ Flexx on WPGC 95.5 FM, DJ Rob (Mista DMV), and Trish Hennessey, among others. 

  • Kenny has written for Rob Mercer on the single "Amazingly" and has also written for Free from BET's 106 & Park. 

  • Kenny showed versatility and passion in his 2010 collaborative and genre bending album release "What's Your Dream?” with his group D2D (Dare 2 Dream). 

  • In 2013, Kenny performed shows in Vegas, Nevada with Al B. Sure!

  • In 2014, Kenny released orchestral remixes for his classic songs "We'll Find A Way" and "Inspire Me".

  • Featured on DJ Smalls Mixtape with the song "So Seductive".

  • Collaborations with producer DJ Domscott titled "I Try for You" and "Go" were played all throughout Spain and other countries around the world. 

  • 2023 saw Kenny producing artists in the genres of EDM, House, Country, Rock, R&B, and Pop, among others. 


  • In 2008, Kenny & Matthew met in Vienna, VA at Assembly Line Studios. Matthew engineered a session for Kenny who was vocal arranging and producing for an artist named Elika. Matthew loved Kenny's vocal artistry on her song, and asked Kenny if he would help write and sing on the song "Forever". A friendship grew into a business partnership, and within a year, the album "What's Your Dream?" was completed, and they have been friends and business partners ever since. 

More of Kenny's Best Work

Kenny McNeil - Another Way To Get To Heaven (Full Band Mix)
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DJ Domscott and Kenny McNeil Collaborations
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What's Your Dream?
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To My Heart from My Heart
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Forever (feat. Shelley Barnes)
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Jazzy Lil Jane
Kenny McNeil Presents: D2D -
Victorious (feat. Javier Starks)
Art - My Ride or Die
Forever II (Chill Afrobeat)
I Want To Be Rich II (Chill Afrobeat)
Jazzy Lil Jane II (Chill Afrobeat)
D2D Cover
Art - Kenny McNeil - Another Way To Get
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