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President / Singer / Songwriter / Creative Consultant
Kenny McNeil
Another Way To Get To Heaven (feat. Vahagn Stepanyan)

Kenny McNeil is a Las Vegas, NV based producer, singer, songwriter, and creative consultant who finds and brings the best out of talent. Kenny is a music veteran from a small town in Virginia who has been involved in multiple projects over the years. As president of MTS Music Productions, Kenny brings focus, passion, integrity, personality, and forward thinking to a business that requires constant innovation to remain competitive and successful. 

We'll Find A Way (Music Video)
Inspire Me (Orchestral Mix)
Kenny McNeil Presents: D2D
What's Your Dream?
D2D Cover
Art - Kenny McNeil - Another Way To Get

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President / Songwriter / Producer: Kenny McNeil

Business Manager: Terra Tuono-Shell

Merchandising / SEO Expert: Khoa Nguyen

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