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Services Offered


​Song Production


Song Writing

Dolby ATMOS Immersive Audio Mixing

Mixing via Zoom or In-Studio


Cover Art Design

Video Production


Career Coaching

Songwriting Classes

Training to be an Audio Production Engineer

​Customized Interactive Webinars

Do you want to collaborate with a professional production team and amazing session musicians to record your songs?

We offer a wide range of services, from the initial writing process to producing demos or fully arranged tracks. This flexibility allows artists to tailor the experience based on their specific needs and where they are in their creative journey.  Genres range from pop to R&B to rock to jazz and beyond.

We are also happy to create cover song productions (like the jazzy R&B version of "Rock With You" above) or remixes specific to an artist's genre tastes (with the three examples below representing go-go, pop rock, and EDM/house).

Managing the production side while clients focus on delivering quality recordings of their vocals streamlines the process and ensures a smoother collaboration. We are happy to help you with that either by recording with you ourselves or by recommending a professional studio near you. If you have the equipment to record yourself, we will be happy to offer assistance for every step of the way, whether you are a vocal artist, instrumental soloist, a band, or a group.

​When you are looking to hire a company, ask yourself, "Is this company trustworthy, competent, and talented in my specific area of need?"

We are happy answer your questions to build trust and then deliver high quality work customized to your needs.

Click here to contact us to ask for a custom quote for your project, to request help to solve a problem, or to ask us any question regarding your journey in the music industry.

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