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MTS Music Productions
 Recording Studio/Bed and Breakfast Business Proposal
This business proposal is for a state of the art Dolby ATMOS 7.2.4 recording studio combined with a bed and breakfast based in beautiful Maui, Hawaii.

The following video is an overview of this concept.

The biggest selling point of this recording studio/bed and breakfast is the luxurious inspiration of being able to get away and record in beautiful Maui, Hawaii. Also, an artist, band, or record label can save money on accommodations by taking advantage of special offers. For instance, a block rate can be negotiated for a full album of 10 song project where a client can book out the studio for between $40,000 (for one month) to $80,000 (for two months) to get the entire album produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered in that timeframe.

This is where seeing this business in action at Assembly Line Studios was valuable. In the span of one year, they saw $250,000+ profit for this business model in Austin, TX. This is because record labels usually provide a budget for both recording studio time and
accommodations for an album project, and if a flat rate can be negotiated, it is easier to close a deal for a full album recording project.  As a result, this business strategy takes advantage of both streams of income and offers a destination experience in Maui, Hawaii. Once quality relationships are established with various record labels, and clients are consistently happy, a steady stream of clients will come our way as we will become the go-to destination hot-spot for the recording community. 

One note about location is that being close to Maui's primary airport is a must for convenience for clients.

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Maui, HI-2.jpg

Combine this bed and breakfast with a state of the art surround sound Pro Tools HD setup with Dolby ATMOS 7.2.4 mixing capabilities and highly skilled producers, engineers, vocal arrangers, and staff on site, then word of mouth will spread about this studio being the perfect destination for artists and bands to record their album projects. 

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Services Offered

Bed and Breakfast Accommodations: $500 per room per day.

Studio Rental: $800 per day.

At least one of the next two * items are required for each day of studio rental.

*Vocal and Instrument Recording Engineer: $2000 per day.

*Assistant Engineer if you simply rent out the studio: $1000 per day.

Vocal Coach: $2000 per day.

​Song Production: $5000 per song (before live musicians’ rates).

Musicians’ Flat Rates:
Drums: $200 per song.
Percussion: $200 per song.
Bass Guitar: $200 per song.
Piano: $200 per song.
Synthesizers: $200 per song
Saxophone: $200 per song.
Flute: $200 per song.
Japanese Koto: $200 per song.
Violin: $200 per song.
Cello: $750 per song.
Horns: $1000 per song.
Orchestra Arranging: $1000 per song.
Full Orchestra Performance: $2000 per song.

Song Writing: Free with 50/50 publishing split.
Or if the client wants to keep the publishing, writing sessions are $250 per hour or $2000 per day.

Dolby ATMOS Immersive Audio Mixing: $250 per hour or $2000 per day.

Mixing via Zoom or In-Studio: $250 per hour or $2000 per day.

Mastering: $250 per hour or $2000 per day.


Cover Art Design: $200 flat rate per design.

Music Video Production: $5000 per music video and $300 for each additional location.

Lyric Video Production: $500 per lyric video. 

Social Media Promotion: $1000 per week.


Consulting: $250 per hour.

Career Coaching: $250 per hour.

Educational Services: $250 per hour or $2000 per day.

Training to be an Audio Production Engineer: $250 per hour or $2000 per day.

​Customized Interactive Webinars: $250 per hour or $2000 per day for one-on-one webinar video design.

How the studio will be pitched to potential clients:

Do you want to collaborate with a professional production team and amazing session musicians to record your album at the most beautiful destination on earth? Maui, Hawaii.

We can professionally produce, record, mix, and master your music project with you. That includes either writing from scratch, producing your demo, recording your band, or adding completely arranged music to your existing lyrics. Genres range from pop to R&B to rock to jazz and beyond.

We are also happy to create acoustic, jazz, or out of genre versions of popular songs for you if you are looking to record a cover song.

The only thing you need to bring to the table is your artistic ability. We are happy to help you by recording with you ourselves and helping every step of the way. When you book at least a week of studio time, you wall gain access to our bed and breakfast at no extra charge. This will make your stay one to remember and truly enjoyable and most importantly, cost effective. 

After your professional recordings are complete, we are happy to offer assistance for every step of the way in your career. Our team of creative consultants and career coaches can ensure that you are never alone in this journey to becoming a successful recording artist or band.

​When you are looking to hire a company, ask yourself, "Is this company trustworthy, competent, and talented in my specific area of need?"

We are happy answer your questions to build trust and then deliver high quality work customized to your needs.

Click here to contact us to ask for a custom quote for your project, to request help to solve a problem, or to ask us any question regarding your journey in the music industry. Below is the most recent example of a GRAMMY nomination for a collaboration with our team at MTS Music.

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